Who is she?

An industry expert with over a decade of experience, her signature facials, and unique massage techniques are highly sought after and respected by industry insiders and celebrities. At the core of her methods and philosophy is a natural approach to health and well-being, combined with advanced technology.

What does she do?

Abigail’s work proves that beautiful skin really can be achieved with a whole health approach. Abigail’s results driven approach is able to rejuvenate faces, relaxing and uplifting with her skilled hands. Her pioneering methods have shown that with the correct products and effective treatments you really can achieve glowing, radiant, healthy skin.’

The Stress Relief Detox Collection not only provides visible results but it offers an experience of absolute serenity. It contains a blend of some of my favourite ingredients – including calming Vetiver to nourish and enhance radiance, French Lavender which helps to strengthen skin and also calms the mind for a peaceful night’s sleep and Marjoram which has a relaxing effect on both the mind and body and helps to soothe skin.

  • Experience pure serenity with a restorative oil mask infused with golden flower petals that transforms into a lightweight milk that detoxifies the skin.

  • Magically transforms with water into a silky, non-oily, non-comedogenic milk to leave skin pristinely clean, and looking smooth, supple and luminously radiant.

  • A total anti-aging transformation for eyes. The entire eye area is visibly reshaped and deeply hydrated with a firmer appearance while dark circles and puffiness fade away.

  • This hybrid serum benefits from an innovative technology where the crystalline water serum coexists with the Illuminating Blend of 7 Essential Oils to create a high potency formula.

  • At the heart of this deliciously rich cream, a unique trio of flowers acting in synergy to help promote younger-looking skin.


Focusing on your breathing will help you feel calmer, more grounded and more mindful of the present moment. Give yourself a five-minute break from whatever is making you stressed. Follow the pattern ‘inhale for the count of five seconds, hold for five, exhale for five’.

Write it down

If you often find yourself going to bed with a head full of busy with thoughts keep a note book by your bedside to empty all thoughts on to paper. This will help you fall asleep knowing you won’t forget anything.

Take some ‘me’ time

Get outside for a walk, run a warm bath or do a yoga class. Make sure you put away all digital devices and go somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Have a facial or massage, it will ease muscle tension and stimulates nerve endings within the skin.

Healthy Choices

Switch your morning coffee for a green tea. Change your pasta for brown rice or quinoa. You might find that each beneficial choice keeps you motivated to make healthy decisions in the future.

Work out

Physical activity releases endorphins. These reduce our pain receptors and also trigger positive feelings in our body, making us feel happy. Exercise is also an invaluable way of getting rid of pent-up aggression caused by stress.

Why would you recommend using a facial oil??

Plant based oils for the skin are amazing to support, nourish and feed the skin. They are packed with natural omega oils, Vitamin E and antioxidants to help support the ageing process and keep the skin supple.

If I have oily skin, should I worry about using an oil?

Using a lightweight oil over time can in fact help to rebalance the skin’s natural sebum production. If you are concerned with oily skin, I would recommend using an elixir which contains purifying ingredients such as niaouli or lavender.

What are the benefits of using a mask?

There are lots of benefits to using a mask; due to the concentrated ‘skin food’ ingredients they give an instant boost to the skin. Masks are the ultimate skin treatment you can do at home and make part of your weekly skincare routine to keep the skin looking and feeling radiant.

What are the skincare benefits of Vetiver (as an essential oil)?

With calming, skin-renewing properties for skin prone to irritation, it helps nourish and enhance skin radiance. The scent has a grounding and balancing effect helping to reduce stress levels, improving our mood all while treating the skin.

How can stress affect our skin?

Continual stress creates an overall look of fatigue and can weaken skins barrier and its ability to repair itself. Stress also affects our hormonal balance which in turn can lead to congestions, breakouts and lacklustre skin.

In addition to skincare is there anything more you can recommend to people who suffer bad skin due to stress?

There a small changes you can make to manage your stress levels. Making YOU an item on your ‘to do’ list is important, whether this be through yoga, meditation, simply walking the dog or going for a facial. Small moments for yourself will help manage stress levels and help support the skin in a way you didn’t think were possible.

What is your daily skincare routine?

I start my day by cleansing every morning. I then apply a hydrating serum, an eye cream, and moisturiser and wear an SPF every day.
In the evening I double-cleanse. Following this step I will use an exfoliator or apply a face mask, and finish with a rich serum and oil to nourish my skin.

What essential products would you recommend to target winter skin problems?

In the winter months I highly recommend using a face oil. A few drops can change your skin.