In 1958, the cosmetics industry was in its infancy and Paris was the hub of creativity. This was the year Pierre Darphin, a Parisian kinesiotherapist created the Darphin Institute and his pampering and indulgent line. Just who was the man behind this passion for perfection? "Pierre was not an easy man," Mrs. Darphin would often say. "He expected the best - of everyone. And everything."

His strong opinions, high standards and unwavering insistence on the most conscientious care continually set new standards for cosmetic facials and service. And he created the most exquisite formulas.

When he opened his first "Institut de Beauté" in Paris, he revolutionized beauty with his exclusive skin-sculpting techniques, sensory experiences and customized skin analysis and protocols. That same year he created the first Darphin serums.

He was also among the first to beautify the whole body. His institute brought together cosmetologists, massage therapists, manicure experts and others with the goal of giving his clients the most all-encompassing treatments possible.

More than fifty years later, Pierre Darphin's fierce perfectionism, selectivity and passionate attention to detail are recreated in every Darphin oil, serum and cream.